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Win in B2B Sales

MORE connections – DEEPER relationships

Stop losing sales and customers and become the preferred choice that is remembered, selected and retained. Stand out and cut through the clutter by building deeper relationships with customer experience and contact center solutions buyers and clients. We’ll help you become the target “they” seek so you win more sales.

The odds are against you

Prospects and customers are getting bombarded with marketing messages and sales attempts from every side. In an attempt to stand out, companies just press harder and harder to market and sell their solutions and to retain their customers. It’s sensory overload.

Let’s get going!

You can’t Stand Out if you wait…

Let’s go!

The Many

Prospects and customers are getting bombarded from many sources and many sides with white papers, articles, ads, newsletters, emails, cold calls and more. We’ll help you STAND OUT.

The New

New companies are trying to grab your prospects and steal your customers every day. Start ups are being launched daily and adding to the noise and bombarding them. We’ll help you STAND OUT.

The Same

With so much noise, prospects and customers find it difficult to differentiate one solution from the next. You are in a crowded sea of sameness. We’ll help you STAND OUT.  

The Few

The trusted and familiar have the ability to cut through the noise and clutter and pull prospects and customers in. We help them STAND OUT!

PULL them in, STOP pushing!

Push selling doesn’t work anymore.

It’s not your fault if you’ve been marketing and selling like everyone else. Follow the benchmarking, right? But pushing more of the same (phone calls, emails, white paper, analyst briefs, infographics, booth tchotchke,  etc.) stuff is providing a lower ROI each day. We’ll help you pull them in.

The time is NOW!

You STAND OUT when you are in the lead

Many vendors want to STAND OUT. The “experience” for buyers and customers is what prevents your solutions from looking identical to them. It’s about you and your people, because to buyers and customers the “products” look the same.

Let’s get started!

How we help you Stand Out

We work with you to construct a program that includes our contact center and customer experience industry subject matter expertise along with modern media tools and platforms to pull prospects and customers in to deeper relationships that GENERATE MORE SALES. We work with organizations and their team members to pull prospects in and customers closer so YOU STAND OUT.

Podcast | Radio | Audio

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In Studio | Remote | On Location

Formats, syndication, iTunes, hosted, series, and more. We’ll help you figure out how to STAND OUT.

Vlogs | Interviews | Specials

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In Studio | On Location | Internet

We shoot video wherever. We work with you to decide on the location based on the intent of the project.

Profiles | Platforms | Popularity

CX SOCIAL (Learn More)


We’ll teach you how to build robust profiles and get followers. Or we will do it for you. 

You will STAND OUT!

We’ll help you win more sales that will pull in prospects and customers using our contact center and customer experience subject matter expertise and modern social selling tactics and tools…

On the Air

On the Screen

On Social Media

Jim thrives on helping organizations be their best. His past experience in operations builds the credibility that follows. He will challenge you to raise the bar.
Dee Kohler, Avantas
I have worked with Jim on several occasions and always find those times rewarding and some of the greatest learning experiences I have had.
Cliff Hurst, Career Impact
Jim has been very influential in my career serving as a thinking partner on many different occasions helping me to thrive and grow professionally.
Chuck Udzinski, Oracle

Let’s get going!

You can’t Stand Out if you wait…

Let’s go!