10 Reasons Why you Should Invest in Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center


According to a study, the origin of speech refers to the more general problem of the origin of the language in the context of the physiological development of the human speech organs such as the tongue, lips and vocal organs used to produce phonological units in all human languages. But today’s topic isn’t about the historic origins of language or the scientific background of how it developed. It is more about speech analytics in your contact center and how you can use it to your advantage.

For several years, humans have communicated through speech to develop relationships. Part of those relationships fostered includes business. Speech is an over looked aspect of business. As a contact center you need not make the same mistake. A contact center is built around communication hence speech is a very important aspect that you cannot afford to overlook, let alone speech analytics.

Speech analytics equipment can come up with an illustration of why your clients are calling, offer real-time analytics for agents or even monitor conversions. The speech industry is  growing so rapidly. This is because companies like yours are recognizing that they need the insights hidden in call recordings. As a call center these are some of the reasons why speech analytics should be one of your high priority areas.

1. Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center Improves Customer Service

More information available for your agents means a more potent probability of first call resolution and a happy client. If callers don’t have to call again, that lowers the amount of calls for everyone, which at highly active times can cause a big improvement in how quickly different calls can be taken and resolved.

2. Improves Agent Performance

Terrible collector overall performance can represent tremendous threat to the business as a whole, whether or not during on-premise call centers or via business system outsourcers. Through tracking 100% of calls, speech analytics guarantees agent procedural compliance and exhibits behaviors and activities that result in successful collections.

For instance, if an agent is struggling with a one step within the call managing procedure, a call center may want to put into effect a few instant and focused training or coaching to rectify the behavior. As a substitute, if the analytics identifies a exceptional practice from one agent that can provide better outcomes, this may be deployed to the entire team of agents.

On the subject of particular areas like bills, speech analytics can assist to follow up on particular language to recognize what drives payments and sales. Did an agent ask for a balance in full or move right away to a agreement? Did they ask for a payment immediately or passively.

3. Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center reveals Negative Performance Trends

Collections and ARM organizations regularly find out that agents aren’t requesting for payment as regularly as they ought to, or are continuously asking for lower repayments. A few agents can also show a habit of overly lengthy calls, decreasing overall dialer throughput.

With speech analytics in place, collections businesses can speedily pick out particular aspects contributing to those kinds of poor performance tendencies. through enhancing and refining their business strategies primarily based on intelligence mined from agent interactions, those businesses can improve promise to pay ratios, script adherence, and the capacity to identify and expand high-flyers.

4. In order to boost business you need accurate analysis

Speech analytics, while completed well, it provides you nuanced information upon which to base business decisions. When you have the proper answers in place to interpret the words effectively, categorize them appropriately into the subjects your clients care about, and discover how they feel about those subjects, you’ve got a treasure trove of data.

You could Discover about techniques and products which might be damaged, discover ways to talk more efficiently together with your clients, and provide them with service that solidifies their loyalty to your business.

5. Searchable transcripts support your compliance, audit, and litigation needs

A key aspect of speech analytics is the transformation of audio information into textual content. Textual content is a whole lot less complicated to share and to look in terms of proving regulatory compliance, carrying out an audit, or allowing the discovery process in the event of litigation. The information is available for everyone who wants to see it in the organization, in a layout that can effortlessly be located.

6. Call centers are here to stay

Email, twitter, web chats, and other sorts of communication are developing; however 90% of U.S. customers still opt to solve their customer support problems by phone.  Using speech analytics can transform your contact center from simply an unavoidable cost to a great source of insights for your business insights.

7. Data it is everything

Speech analytics provide you with a way to use those calls as an information source well beyond the time the client hangs up. You are probably committed to using big data inside your business. It’s far crucial not to omit any sources of that data, in particular not the 270 billion customer support calls that take place every year.

8. Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center Provides Meaningful Feedback

Discern where one agent excels and where they need extra coaching. It allows you to provide more specific feedback during the training sessions you have with the individual. Agents may not reach your expectations for first call resolution. Speech analytics technology allows you to retrieve particular call recordings. This can help illustrate how the individual can do better. When an agent has a concrete instance in which they might have performed better, you could offer more meaningful and effective feedback to assist them to improve.

9. It Saves Money

Technology upgrade investments don’t get any smarter than this one. By at least one estimate, contact center speech analytics achieves ROI in just three months. After that, it simply keeps providing information that offers insight into new product creation, product promotion and high-quality branding. It additionally boosts customer loyalty.

10. Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center Delivers Data

Every call that is available in is a valuable source of data. Call centers have always understood this. They attempt to mine the factors from each conversation deemed most applicable to company overall performance and customer support. Speech analytics allows this evaluation to go deeper than ever before. Managers will benefit greater insight into the effectiveness of agent scripts. This will be through the reactions clients provide with their words. It will also be the emotional nuances that sometimes suggest more than what they’re actually saying.

Putting speech analytics to the test

As a contact center, you may not be using speech analytics to its full potential. If that is the case, you may be missing out on several benefits you can get from it. This can affect your vision and your strategy and definitely it will affect how effectiveness of your contact center.

The best way to deploy and adopt a Speech Analytics solution is to not just rely on the technology; but also to understand the importance of human intervention and guidance. That means you also have to invest in understanding different aspect of speech analytics. Relying on in-house solutions or trying to figure it out on your own can cost you time and money.

Focusing on the right metrics with the help from experts  gets so much easier. It is important to combine this with the help of a dedicated team. This is why we have taken the time to put together a program that can help you get the most out of your speech analytics. To learn more about this program click here.

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