23 Best Virtual Team Building Activities EBook

EBOOK - 23 Best Virtual Team Building Activities


In light of how 2020 began, it is beginning to dawn on many contact centers that virtual might be their new normal. For an industry that already struggled with employee engagement and morale issues, the fear of high employee turnover when the pandemic lock-downs are removed looms large. Now is the time for you to improve your focus and skills on virtual team building activities. Here’s a jump start in your learning.

The contact center leader’s guide to virtual team-building activities’ which has 30 virtual team-building activities

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Virtual Boot Camp Challenge

Embrace A Culture Of Humor

Have A Live Remote Contact Center

Hold Virtual Contact Center Team

Hire A Professional Contact Center

Shark Team For Virtual Team Building

Take Personality Tests

Have Virtual Coffee Breaks

DIY Craft Challenge

Recipe Contest

Virtual Book Club

Donate To A Cause As A Team

Play Chat-Roulette

Share Childhood Pictures

Team Scavenger Hunt

Have A Dedicated Slack Channel

Play The Knowledge Game

Have Virtual Karaoke Night

Fitness Challenge

A Photography Competition


Online Campfire

Typing Speed Challenge

The Importance of Virtual Team Building
Activities For Contact Centers

Unlike a traditional contact center, agents do not have the liberty to interact with fellow agents nor with their supervisors nor with their employers. This means there is a constant need for reassurance in different areas. They need to think faster and they need to solve problems faster. It is important to constantly engage them in activities that improve their cognition, their problem-solving skills, and job satisfaction. Human interaction is a basic need in all aspects of life including occupation. So it matters to provide this even in a virtual setup.


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Jim Rembach is a CX and Contact Center industry authority and host of the Fast Leader Show Podcast, Contact Center Virtual Summit, CX Success Summit, CX Global Media and CX Webinars. He is also the designer and developer of the Call Center Coach virtual leadership academy for contact center supervisors.

Jim Rembach
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