B2B Digital Marketer Podcast


About the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast

After twenty years of continuous struggle and hardships and several economic downturns, this podcast is a chance to share and amplify the insights I wish I had in my early days.

Although, there are times I wonder if it would matter because of the rapid changes that have occurred in the past few years.

What I am certain of is there is a lot of wisdom for B2B digital marketers to learn from and I want to bring that wisdom to you.

The B2B Digital Marketer Podcast will help you to see past the hype, avoid mistakes, and be more confident in your decisions.

What do you need?

Most importantly, please share what you need. Our programming is listener driven and your questions are the source that drives our decisions.

There are several ways to submit your questions or simply go to our contact page.

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