Aleisha McKeeby Talks AI-rich Chatbots

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Aleisha McKeeby Talks AI-rich Chatbots

A focused effort is underway for many organizations. They want to create an integrated and tailored customer experience. But they must work quickly. Omni-channel interactions and multiple generations in the marketplace, and competition leave no time for delay. AI-rich chatbots just might be your saving grace.

After my interview with Aleisha McKeeby of Kore at Call Center Week Winter I felt a little insecure. I like to know what’s going on in our industry. And this AI-rich chatbot (bot) space has blossomed so fast that I’ve been challenged to keep up. I bet you have too.

Lucky for us the initial adoption of bots has focused on the customer. Bots provide a faster way for customers and agents to gain instant access to content, knowledge, products and services. The technology can be used for delivering more effective and more efficient customer interactions while also delivering more on-demand customer service.

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What Kore Does

Kore, created to help people work and engage in a simpler and more conversational way across all channels, is a pioneer in shaping how bots interact with the modern workforce and customer. Kore’s enterprise grade Bots Platform enables developers to create and share customized, speech-enabled bots for use on any conversational interface including text, e-mail, and voice, as well as popular messaging platforms such as Facebook, Skype, Slack and Kore’s own Messaging Platform. With its latest addition of the Kore Smart Bot™ for commerce, Kore’s out-of-the-box solutions equip industry leaders to meet the dual challenges of ever-increasing customer expectations and non-integrated legacy IT and systems head on. With a rapid implementation, organizations can recognize a short time to market and begin recognizing ROI faster than traditional models. Source:

When Artificial Intelligence is added to bots

In an article titled A short history of chatbots and artificial intelligence by Nico Bayerque, he states that Artificial Intelligence (AI), by definition, is intelligence exhibited by machines to display them as rational agents that can perceive their surroundings and make decisions. A rational agent defined by humans would be a computer that can realistically simulate human communication.

Chatbots that take advantage of AI (AI-rich Chatbots) to carry on intelligent conversations with customers can help make the interaction between customers and companies more positive and responsive.

Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing can make for a very engaging customer experience. Users may not have to exit their messaging app to open their mobile browser and plug in a URL. They could chat with family, then chat with a stores bot in the same digital space to get mom’s birthday present, uniting what was once multiple interactions into one conversation.

What’s your company Voice?

In an article by Mike Egan titled The dark side of the coming chatbot revolution he shares that messaging chatbots also come with risks. Because human beings are complex creatures plagued by cognitive biases, irrational thinking and emotional needs, the line between messaging with a friend and messaging with AI will be fine to nonexistent for some people.

This presents an entirely new construct for your brands personality. What will your AI brand voice be like? Will it be congruent with your agents? Will it be genuine and seamless to customers?

Bots are going to change our industry faster than we could ever image. You best get ready.

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