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Artificial Intelligence Immunity – 5 Great Ways To Build Value And Job Security

5 qualities that will help survive AI take over in the contact center industry

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The 20th century has already seen surprising technological innovations in almost every field. While these transformations are undoubtedly exciting, you may be worried about the potential impact of new technologies. Mostly artificial intelligence’s impact on your job security. The important question you should ask yourself is: Do you have artificial intelligence immunity? Or how can you acquire artificial intelligence immunity?

The truth about artificial intelligence is that, as powerful as it has become in recent years, there are still a number of tasks at which humans consistently do a much better job. In some fields, computerization and automation are simple and practical to implement. In others, they are more or less impossible for the time being. Accordingly, AI’s influence on job security in the 21st century will likely vary greatly field by field, and depending on the skills that you bring to the table as an employee or leader. 

Below are a few examples of important skills that will help you retain value in your company in the face of growing automation. 


Acting spontaneously and responding to problems in a creative and proactive manner are skills that are still far beyond the reach of any current AI. Consequently, the more you are able to incorporate creativity and innovation into your current job, the less likely you are to be replaced by technology. The computer can help increase efficiency and productivity. However, as of yet no computer has revolutionized an industry or invented a new product on its own.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence will be a crucial part of overcoming the challenges presented by new technology in the coming decades. In an interview last year, Jamie Siminoff, founder of Ring, talked about why he believes emotion is a crucial part of business success. He believes that making honest emotional appeals to clients–and backing those up with service, is a proven method for business success. For all its strengths, AI is simply not capable of making the deep human connections with customers, clients, and co-workers that come naturally to real-life workers. 

Something else to consider: In 2013, Oxford released a study detailing the risk of automation to workers in each industry, based on the nature of their jobs and the facility with which they could be replaced. A glance at the lowest and highest risk jobs on the list is telling. Those at the greatest risk of being replaced included telemarketers, accountants, cashiers, and loan officers. What is the big difference between these two sets of jobs? The first group of jobs usually involves strong and consistent use of complex interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. On the other hand, the second, in many cases, does not. Retaining jobs in those fields that are currently most at risk for automation will require reinventing those positions and learning to couple them with AI instead of allowing them to be replaced.

Innovative Problem Solving

Although we may not always be aware of it, human interactions are exceedingly complex. The inability of AI and chatbots to have conversations and work with people in real-time is one of their greatest flaws. In a recent interview, Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup, shared the importance of functional intelligence, and how it empowered him to exceed in his leadership role. 

Machines can be programmed to perform operations. They can even respond to stimuli, but they cannot think on their feet. Solving problems in thoughtful and creative ways is a skill that humans still dominate. This is because the economic and social elements of the business can be startlingly complex and nuanced. Engaging with problems proactively all while keeping eyes on the desired final outcome is an activity that humans repeatedly prove themselves to excel at in comparison to machines. 

Critical Thinking

As defined by The Foundation for Critical Thinking, “critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.” Many of the skills are abilities that AI can not do yet. However, these abilities are critical to success in the modern business world. This is partly because of the rapidly changing nature of the economy and the technological landscape. 


Human beings have the ability to adapt, change, and recalibrate in accordance with the challenges at hand. In contrast, robots are rigid and unable to adapt to entirely novel environments and challenges. It seems appropriate to list flexibility last. This is because creativity, emotional intelligence, problem-solving and critical thinking are all somewhat not as effective on their own. The ability to organically use these abilities in conjunction with one another is what sets humans apart from artificial intelligence. 

Will AI Take Contact Center Jobs?

So much of the process of communication is becoming automated. Employees working in call centers are some of those most concerned with job security as technology advances. Preventing AI from taking contact center jobs will not be a simple task since automation in such settings is often highly profitable in the short term. However, as mentioned above, there are a number of skills that human employees bring to the table that AI cannot. 

An overuse of AI in contact centers can easily deteriorate customer support if not implemented correctly. Contact centers in the future will probably include a combination of artificial intelligence and live agent support. This could ultimately mean not only the retention of current jobs but the creation of new contact center jobs. Because of AI, there is a bright future for the contact center industry.

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