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Jim Rembach is a twenty-year veteran of B2B digital marketing. Dating back to 1996 with developing his first website, he knew leveraging the internet is a powerful way to connect people to people and people to solutions.

Continuously testing and refining B2B digital marketing methods and plucking useful B2C methods and adapting them for B2B solution marketers, Jim has assisted clients, friends, and colleagues in bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

With the new reality faced by so many with the post-COVID19 paradigm, Jim felt compelled to launch the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast to help B2B solution providers thrive.

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Recent Posts

Patrick Schwerdtfeger: How to Leverage Data in B2B Digital Marketing | Episode 005

Patrick Schwerdtfeger shares his insights on how businesses can leverage data to improve their marketing campaigns. Patrick shares strategies and tactics using exclusion-based marketing, omni-channel opportunities, display ads, and PPC advertising. Listen to the episode and learn more how you can take advantage of the technology trends today to propel your business towards the future.

Frank Somma: Why B2B is actually P2P | Episode 004

What are the core elements you could be missing when you create that landing page, LinkedIn Post, Facebook Update, or Tweet?
Frank Somma, author of B2B is Really P2P: How to Win With High Touch in a High Tech World shares in this episode that he found the key differentiator is always him.

Steve Goldhaber: Marketing is About Solving Problems | Episode 003

Steve Goldhaber shares his insights in how to effectively identify and solve your customer’s problems. Learn why it’s important to produce high-quality content that not only generates revenue, but also helps your customers move forward. Steve also shares some key takeaways from his book, “What’s Your Problem?”

Filip Galetic: Why Marketing is All About Being Honest and Helpful | Episode 002

Filip Galetic shares his insight in how marketing is all about being helpful to people and making their lives easier. According to Filip, trying to be the smartest person in the room or being the cleverest marketer out there is a poor strategy and will definitely not solve your customer’s problems.

David Meerman Scott: Reimagining New Ways to Do Digital Marketing | Episode 001

David Meerman Scott shares his insights in how digital marketing can be differently. It’s not about taking something existing and just recreating it online; it’s all about finding new and different ways to do things and reimagining the unlimited possibilities of doing digital marketing. David also shares his insights from his book, Fanocracy, and how to turn your fans into customers and your customers into fans.

Jim Rembach: What is the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast? | Episode 000

The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is all about the new and innovative ways and debunking the hype for marketers that need to support and influence solutions and services with longer sales cycles. Listen to big-name marketers, authors, practitioners, and professors talk strategies, tactics, ideas, routines, and tools every B2B Digital Marketer can leverage.

Coming Soon: The B2B Digital Marketer Podcast

While some of the largest solution provider companies may be able to survive the economic crisis, thousands of smaller organizations may perish. The B2B Digital Marketer podcast will share expert skills and resources to prevent tragic losses.

Each week the B2B Digital Marketer podcast mission is to help you to end your struggle with digital marketing, and pave a new and better path to target and capture your ideal customer.

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