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Jim Rembach is a twenty-year veteran of B2B digital marketing. Dating back to 1996 with developing his first website, he knew leveraging the internet is a powerful way to connect people to people and people to solutions.

Continuously testing and refining B2B digital marketing methods and plucking useful B2C methods and adapting them for B2B solution marketers, Jim has assisted clients, friends, and colleagues in bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

With the new reality faced by so many with the post-COVID19 paradigm, Jim felt compelled to launch the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast to help B2B solution providers thrive.

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Recent Posts

Joe Apfelbaum: Building a Long-Term Relationship with Your B2B Customers | Episode 015

Developing a relationship with B2B customers is different compared to B2C. According to Joe Apfelbaum, it’s going to take a significant amount of planning. A good relationship with a B2B customer always involves a lot of digital trust, and it requires marketers to be transformational rather than transactional. If you want to improve your digital marketing efforts then take a listen to this episode as Joe Apfelbaum shares strategies and tactics in helping you develop a long-term relationship with your B2B customers.

A. Lee Judge: Making a Human Connection through Engaging Multimedia Content | Episode 014

With sales and marketing being done more at a distance, traditional methods for engaging potential customers are becoming more obsolete. Companies need to realize that if they want to stay afloat during these trying times they need to adapt and use content and technology to engage more with their potential customers. But is it really that easy? In this episode of the B2B Digital Marketer podcast, A. Lee Judge shares why it’s not really the technical difficult that companies have to overcome, but rather their anxiety, and having the guts to just hit the record button.

David Ubeda: Standing Out in LinkedIn | Episode 013

With the world at the current state it’s in, finding leads and business has become a real challenge for B2B companies. They’ve heard of LinkedIn as a great platform to do that but don’t necessarily know the strategies and tactics to leverage it for their business. In this episode, David Ubeda shares his experience how you can use LinkedIn in your B2B digital marketing strategy and potentially generate 426 sales appointment in a year!

Linda Ruffenach: How A Personal Relationship Can Make You Stand Out | Episode 012

Majority of businesses take pride in their product and technology, but no matter how advanced it gets, if it doesn’t solve the customer’s problems then it doesn’t matter at all. Linda Ruffenach shares in this episode why B2B digital marketing is all about building a personal relationship with the customer and solving their problems.Majority of businesses take pride in their product and technology, but no matter how advanced it gets, if it doesn’t solve the customer’s problems then it doesn’t matter at all. Linda Ruffenach shares in this episode why B2B digital marketing is all about building a personal relationship with the customer and solving their problems.

Ethan Beute: Rehumanizing B2B Digital Marketing | Episode 011

With technology advancing and our world rapidly changing, automation and digital communication becomes the modern approach to marketing. However, this modern approach can sometimes lead to a situation where everything is automated and communication becomes too digital and faceless. The human connection is gone and marketers are no longer able to build a relationship with their customers. Ethan Beute shares in this episode how we can use modern technology, specifically video messaging, to make our communications more personal and rehumanize our businesses.

Eric Burgess: Making B2B Digital Marketing More Interactive | Episode 010

B2B Digital Marketing have traditionally been operated in a static way. For example, people would send an email blast and immediately end their campaigns. It’s impersonal and does not consider the customer’s emotion or personality. With the current advancements in technology today, communication channels are merging and the line between personal and business is becoming thinner and thinner. Eric Burgess, shares in this episode why B2B digital marketers need to communicate to customers the same way they would with their friends or family. Your customers are people, and people buy from people. According to Eric, B2B digital marketing should be conversational rather than static.

Chloë Thomas: How to Optimize Your B2B Digital Marketing | Episode 009

Chloë Thomas shares strategies and insights on how you can optimize your B2B digital marketing campaigns. With the current situation of the world, more and more companies are transitioning to a virtual platform. Listen to this episode as Chloe explains how you can do better digitally on virtual summits, LinkedIn outreach, content repurposing, and more!

Samantha Stone: Understanding the Buyer’s Voice and Why It Matters | Episode 008

Samantha Stone shares on this episode why business should focus less on the quantity of leads they get and more on targeting the right customer and delivering deep and meaningful value to them. According to Samantha, everything you do in marketing is all about understanding the buyers and meeting their needs.

Dr. Cherie Rains: Human Connection is Still Key | Episode 007

Dr. Cherie Rains expounds on the vital importance of human connection in today’s hyper-connected digital world. With technology moving forward faster and faster, companies are becoming dehumanized and are losing its human touch. Despite the advances in modern digital marketing, customers still want to connect with real people – the human aspect is still the most important element of any successful digital marketing campaign. According to Dr. Cherie Rains, human connection is still key.

Mike Gospe: Why Marketers Should Be Customer Advocates | Episode 006

Mike Gospe shares the importance on why marketers should also be leaders and why advocating the customer is important. This episode will surely hit you with a curved ball as Mike shares a lot of insights in building a REAL strategy for your B2B digital marketing.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger: How to Leverage Data in B2B Digital Marketing | Episode 005

Patrick Schwerdtfeger shares his insights on how businesses can leverage data to improve their marketing campaigns. Patrick shares strategies and tactics using exclusion-based marketing, omni-channel opportunities, display ads, and PPC advertising. Listen to the episode and learn more how you can take advantage of the technology trends today to propel your business towards the future.

Frank Somma: Why B2B is actually P2P | Episode 004

What are the core elements you could be missing when you create that landing page, LinkedIn Post, Facebook Update, or Tweet?
Frank Somma, author of B2B is Really P2P: How to Win With High Touch in a High Tech World shares in this episode that he found the key differentiator is always him.

Each week the B2B Digital Marketer podcast mission is to help you to end your struggle with digital marketing, and pave a new and better path to target and capture your ideal customer.

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