What Is a Customer Experience Expert and How Do You Become One?


To become a customer experience legend, you need leadership bravery. To be a customer experience expert, you have to choose and be deliberate about what you are willing to do to grow. On the other hand, you also have to be concise on what you will not do.

In my recent CX Quick Tips interview titled How do you become a Customer Experience Legend? with Jeanne Bliss, one of our CX-Experts on CX Global Media, reveals how she has helped companies improve their customer experience and elaborates on how you can build towards becoming a customer service legend.

One of the statements she said that caught my attention the most was, “Customer experience is not about the mechanics; it is about the meaning of the work you do.”

Are you showing up as an elevated company? Are your employees empowered enough to bring the best version of themselves to work?

True leaders create an atmosphere that makes people feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves. They do not allow short term goal to interfere with long term goals. How do you become a customer experience legend?

The Type Of Leadership That Creates a Great Customer Experience Expert

Humanity, leadership, and who you are as a person helps to create customer experience experts. What experience are you creating for the customer that makes you valuable to them? A study by Customer Communication Trends report shows that 80% of customers say the experience a business provides is just as important as their product or service.

People often overlook the aspect of who they are and how it contributes to the experience they are providing to the customer. The Customer Communication Trends report also revealed that 78% of customers claim that they’re more inclined to be loyal to a company that understands them and what they’re looking for.

What Is a Customer Experience Expert and How Do You Become One

Customer experience is not just about speed and accuracy. It is also about authenticity, morals, and values. What do you want your operation to represent?

Know what you represent, build it, and live up to it. I often emphasize that people can feel whether or not you are genuine, which does not only apply to your customers. It also applies to the people you work with daily.

You can not say you represent integrity and then do the opposite.

How to Build Towards Being a Customer Experience Specialist

The foundation towards building a great customer experience involves building a goal map. You have to understand not only your goals but your customer’s goals as well. Instead of validating what you are doing, understand your customers’ needs.

What does your customer expect out of you after they have given you their money?

Build an ecosystem centered on the customer getting the most out of an experience with your product or service. You also have to change the metrics of what you measure. This is what will drive your new customer experience goal map to succeed.

Customer experience is about building around what your customer values and what they believe will solve their problem. It is also about exceeding the customer’s expectations.  According to a Customer Communication Trends report, 66% of customers can’t remember the last time a business exceeded their expectations.

What Is a Customer Experience Expert and How Do You Become One

How can you add to the value you are already providing? How does your service or product stand out in providing what you customer holds dear to their heart?

It is important to deliver something that is beyond just a physical thing. For instance, customers are mostly concerned about wellbeing during these difficult times. What feelings is your service or product creating? Is it safety that they want? Is it peace of mind, or is it happiness?

There are several aspects to look at beyond good quality to create wholesome satisfaction. Whatever service or product you provide, it has to deliver an emotional experience that makes your customer feel heard and understood.

Fundamentals of a Customer Experience Goal Map

Now that you understand that you need a customer experience goal map as a leader, what are the most important things you need to look at? First of all, is your goal map sustainable?

You have to translate every goal into something actionable, and you have to be accountable for everything in your mapping process. It is important to consider how you hire people and who you hire. Are you hiring people who believe in the same things as your company does? Are the people you are hiring adding to the value that you have created?

If you are a leader, you have to be on the same page with your subordinates about how you do things. You may also have to change your language. Prompt people as they are presenting or pitching your product or service. How do they speak? Is it in line with your core values?

It is important to build an environment where your team understands and believes in your goal that the culture must leave after leaving a leader.


Covid has taught us so many lessons and showed us many flaws in the way we do things. One of those flaws is that the hierarchy of companies and organization needed to be broken down. It showed us that the people who have the answers to certain problems are the people living in the situation.

Now everyone has a seat at the decision-making table, and it is important to listen and trust each other. To be an effective leader, you have to allow people to create a great customer experience proactively.

If you do not know what people want, you cannot proactively build a customer experience that people can find value in.

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