Customer Experience Strategy Updates for 2021


Customer Experience Strategy Updates for 2021 – CX Quick Tips on CX Global Media TV with James Dodkins

Customer Experience Strategy Updates as a LeaderWhile you might have thought your customer experience strategy updates were over for 2020, James helps you to ring in the new year with different perspectives on common CX discussions. And that’s why we love James.

It’s time to flip the COVID stubbornness to our advantage. As new strains make their way out of the UK, we brought on our own UK CX remedy. Join Jim Rembach as he welcomes CX Rockstart and thought-provoking expert James Dodkins to CX Global Media’s CX Quick Tips Show.

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Customer Experience Strategy Updates : 3 Core Areas

In this broadcast, James and Jim talk about different perspectives on three core areas for your cx strategy in 2021.

  1. Customer Understanding
  2. Customer Expectations
  3. Customer Needs

It’s important to point out that giving customers want isn’t the correct path for long-term loyalty and customer referrals.

Do not give the customer what they want

It is important to talk about the customer experience being able to deliver on clarity. A lot of times, an organization may attempt to bend to every whim and customer request. This could backfire and cause an organization not to have a clear identity that causes deeper connection and loyalty.

Sometimes two options are all you need for success. Having too many options has also proven to generate no decision for customers and therefore no sales for your company. Certainly, having the completely wrong options or no options is detrimental, but trying to cater and please everyone will please no one.

Giving customers too many options is just an admission that you don’t really know what they need. To gain their trust and confidence, you really understand your customers beyond the surface. Because customers will only tell you they need three things.

  1. They want it fast.
  2. They want it for less.
  3. They want more for less.

Every customer large customer survey generates the same results, so stop asking. Drill down into their core needs, not the top three above.

Your brand identity needs to have greater value in 2021 and going forward. Yes, that means you will lose some customers. But the ones you keep will be the ones that will carry you into 2022 and beyond.

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