How Customer Service Vision Affects Great Customer Experience


How do you feel each time you receive terrible customer service? We all know what it is like to receive bad customer service. Customer service vision is the key to a great customer experience. In fact, poor service is almost a universal fact of life for many people. However, we rarely ask ourselves what is behind poor customer service. What are the real reasons that make the reality of customer service what it is today?

Customer Service Vision Affects Great Customer Experience

Poor management and the occasional disrespectful employees can throw cogs in an otherwise well-oiled machine. The problem for most businesses regarding service is the lack of an overarching vision for the customer experience. What are the root causes of poor customer service? How can you build a cohesive vision plan for the future? Let’s explore together what it means to create a Customer Service Vision

How to Create a Customer Service Vision to be the Key that Brings About a More Positive Impression

In today’s fast-paced world of business, good customer service is essential to achieving success. Customer service, which is defined as meeting or exceeding customer expectations satisfactorily, is vital in building a trusting relationship with customers and establishing a positive reputation in their minds. It may seem simplistic, but this is not so. In fact, a business’s success largely depends on its customer service representatives’ attitude and behavior.

Many businesses fail to realize the important aspects of good customer service in their operations. Many organizations see it as a cost to cut costs and pass the savings along to the customers. However, good service needs to be considered an investment that cannot be taken lightly. If you want to bring about a great impression in your customers’ minds, you need to have a system in place that makes it easy for you to do this.

One such system is to have well-trained customer service agents. Such agents should be well versed in the skills required by them. They should be able to handle difficult customers easily. Also, good customer service requires you to make a lasting first impression. This first impression has to be carefully managed, sustained and converted into a favorable one to ensure that all your other efforts are bearing fruit.

3 Keys to Great Customer Service Vision

A brilliant customer service vision doesn’t come out of anywhere. Here are a few important questions you need to ask yourself as you begin to build your vision:

1. What do my customers want from my company and me to be the key to their customer experience?

Most companies have an abstract vision or mission statement that outlines their goals in the long term. However, many fail to approach routine operations in a simple way that helps work out the most general kinks. More than anything, you should be asking yourself, “what does the customer want from my company and me?” This question’s answer will be different for every business and potentially different for separate groups of customers until the customer’s immediate wants and needs are recognized and celebrated. It will be impossible to craft a fully effective service strategy.

Once you have put yourself into your customer’s shoes in this way, you will be much more capable of reexamining the process itself and making subtle (or not so subtle) changes wherever needed.

2. How does my work serve as the key to the best customer experience?

After acknowledging the customer’s centrality and their unique needs, the next step is to think critically about how your work serves them. Once again, the answer to this question is unique from workplace to workplace and even between employees in a single location. However, the question stands. What are you doing to ensure that the customer gets treated right every time? In certain instances, this may mean extra attention given to the customer. While in others, it may mean simply leaving them alone and delivering service quickly, efficiently, and extravagantly.

3. What are the details—little things—that make a big difference in customer satisfaction?

While a Customer Service Vision is inherently a big-picture overview of how you want customer service to look, that does not mean that your plans should ignore the small details central to all great customer service. Large structural changes can be exactly what customer service representatives need to do their job with the personal touch required—therefore making a close connection with every customer. 

In short, strive to make changes that empower employees and customers to make special moments of connection. While these aren’t necessarily something that can be scripted or planned for, it is certainly possible to build a work environment that fosters a sense of natural spontaneity and creativity.

How a Customer Service Vision changes Customer Experience

Customer service is really about much more than meeting the customer’s needs, and a company has to think about meeting everyone’s needs as well as possible. This is why defining a customer service model and strategy is important because it focuses on companies’ customer wants. For example, if a customer wants help with a computer problem, then the company’s focus has to help the customer solve his problem, not simply stocking shelves.

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