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Jim Rembach: Hey this is Jim the Fast leader Show and Call Center Coach, and I ‘m here at Contact Center Expo with Bruce Eidsvik, a Senior VP of marketing for Genesys. He used to be on the sales side of the business but is now is on the marketing side. He says he came from the dark side. But Bruce you guys are reincarnating something that you introduced this month in a morning keynote. Tell us a little about that.

Developing Customer Service Heroes for HeroesBruce Eidsvik: Yeah, so I announce the CX Heroes initiative. It was launched originally in Europe back in 2012. I thought for me it really meant something very important. And with the advent of artificial intelligence and it’s sort of a little bit of a concern of what that means to agent jobs. And what does artificial intelligence do well versus human agents. And I thought this program should come back to life. And what it’s about is celebrating those amazing stories and experiences that agents have delivered to other humans in the course of everyday business. And these are stories where they went well above and beyond and so I want to bring that back to life and we announce at the show at ICMI today.

Just give you one quick example here that I remember from my days in Europe. There was this Russian agent who was in the travel business. And he had on a customer who was at traveling to his wedding and he had missed his flight. And so, he was going to miss is wedding, that was very serious. But the agent started thinking about how he can help this client was in incredible distress.

And he said look, look, look. You don’t have to catch your flight. I can put you on a train, you can get your connection for your next flight by taking this train. I’ve scheduled it, they’re waiting for you. I’ve got your ticket and you’ve just got to get in a cab and get over there and it will be taken care of for us. So, that’s exactly what happened. He got there, he got on the train, got to his flight and made the wedding.

And then he wrote this agent back a letter several months later. In fact, a year later and said, look I just want to let you know that we’ve had a child and we’ve named that child after you because of what you did for me.

And that’s just one incredible story that’s out there and I know there’s hundreds of those out there – we want to share them.

Jim Rembach: You know I think you also mentioned something about you doing something in taking that even an extra step and you’re trying to reunite some of these folks.

Bruce Eidsvik: Yes, exactly. So, at CX19, if it’s possible. We want to keep this a little on the QT, in that what would be better than to bring that agent together with that person they served and unite them at our event CX19. And so, we’re going to try to make that happen.

Jim Rembach: Okay, so we just released it to the world. No longer is it on the QT.

Bruce Eidsvik: We want to surprise the agent and the customer, so I think we’re still good there.

Jim Rembach: Yeah, my distribution is not that big yet, so I think we good there.

Okay, so I think it’s really important you guys are bringing a highlight to this because oftentimes we feel that this particular profession isn’t very noble. But it is.

Bruce Eidsvik: Exactly, that’s my other feeling about this. Especially, again as the job gets tougher.

You know you hear a lot about bad customer service, type in customer service you’re going to get zillions of bad stories. We love to put them in the press and share them. And we don’t share those amazing stories of what agents have done for other human beings. So, this is really to help get a really solid story about some of the amazing work that people do every day.

Jim Rembach: Well and thank you for doing this amazing work and we appreciate it and we wish you the very best.

Genesys will continue to announce the program at their G Summits around the globe. Over the coming year, they will continue to spread the word and will be asking you to nominate your CX Heroes.

They want to hear stories of great customer connections—whether it’s about an agent who provided you with an exceptional experience or the story of a colleague you know who has gone the extra mile, or the extra 10 miles, in serving a customer. It’s time you share those amazing examples of heroic customer service. Each month, they’ll profile nominees from around the world, and celebrate the finalists at CX19 in Denver.

Please submit your CX Heroes stories and nominations.

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