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As a contact center, are you aware if you are high volume hiring or not? Most importantly, do you hire for contact center fit? Hiring large volumes of employees can be a cumbersome task and it can be costly. It is even more costly if you do not have the right tools and insights to hire people who are the best fit for the job.

Daniel ash of Journey Front in this interview highlights how they help contact centers hire for contact center fit. In turn, this helps to save time and resources. With time you begin to understand what exactly is the best fit for your contact center using the information provided by Journey Front evaluation software. I managed to have a brief chat with Daniel Ash at the Contact Center Week in Nashville.

Here is an edited script of the conversation I had with Daniel Ash

Jim Rembach: Hey this is Jim with Call Center Coach and the Fast Leader Show and I’m here with Daniel Ash from CCW Nashville. Daniel, how do you help folks get over the hump?

What Does Journey Front’s Evaluation Software do?

Daniel Ash: Yes, Journey Front is a can evaluation software that specializes in high volume hiring. So our focus is really helping companies with high volume roles like call center sales organizations use data to predict candidate performance and retention before you hire them.

Jim Rembach: Well, you say high volume though I mean you have to kind of put perspective around some of that right? Then and also talk about your data source and where you are pulling this information in order to be able to determine who is and who isn’t the right candidate. So when you say high volume what does it really mean.

What is High Volume Hiring?

Daniel Ash: Yeah, so obviously Amazon’s high volume hiring of course but there’s also a lot of other companies don’t realize it that are doing high volume.  Typically for us, that means if you have good forty-fifty employees in a given role and your hiring at least fifteen to twenty that’s what we would call high volume hiring. You’re hiring for the same role over and over again and you have an advantage that there’s enough data there to extract insight. And how we’re extracting that insight is we have various ways namely, it’s assessment data and interview data.

We can use assessment data behavioral assessments run with analytics on a company’s own turnover and performance data that will identify the optimal profile of somebody that stays, that succeeds in that unique position, in that unique environment. And we can do the same thing with interview data crafting interview questions that will predict candidate retention and performance.

Jim Rembach: I would also think as you’re talking that, this isn’t an immediate thing. So it’s kind of overtime what we do is get better at the model because our data sets are getting a little bit larger. Would that be correct?

Using Your Data to Hire for Contact Center fit

Daniel Ash: Ahh it is correct that it will, that, it gets better and better over time. But if you’re already sitting on a data set of that size, for example, using our assessment module we can actually create a profile from your existing employee database that identifies patterns around turnover performance. They can actually move the needle within the first round of hiring. And because in a lot of these call center jobs, for example, you have these painful occurrences of people not even making it to train, past training or turning over the first two or three months. It can move the needle within the first few months to raising those rates of retention schedule here and people actually make it to training etcetera.

Jim Rembach: Well for me I could think of a lot of reasons and outcomes from a supervisor’s perspective but from what you’re experiencing with your clients, how are you making the supervisor’s job a lot easier?

Advantages of Using Journey Front Evaluation Software to Hire

Daniel Ash: Yes, so supervisors have a very tough job. They’re working with a lot of different types of people. They’re dealing with constantly having to retrain, rehire, train new people. So the biggest impact we can have is getting you more people that will actually stay. Let’s start there and then have the profile that makes them more likely to just handle that type of environment.

So the structure of the very metrics-driven nature of the role that’s not for everyone and supervisors waste a lot of their time trying to just push people up into that role that are in a fit for, to begin with. So we can help them use data very quickly to get more people in the door that for whom it’s not like swimming against the current their natural traits make them more likely to be satisfied in this role to be able to handle the structure and the pace of that the environment.

Jim Rembach: So Daniel how to folks learn more?

Daniel Ash: Yeah, so to learn more visit www dot journey front dot com. You can also email me, Daniel, at journey front dot com or sales at journey front dot com. We got a lot of case studies. We can send more of other call centers were working with, where we’ve been able to see dramatic improvements to turn over within the first year as well as new higher performance.

Jim Rembach: Daniel thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and we wish you the very best.

Daniel Ash: Thank you very much.

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