How to implement Social Media Customer Care


Why is a social media customer care strategy important? Do your customers feel heard? How are you expressing yourself as a brand? Social media customer care can improve customer engagement. It enables your brand to express itself.

With it, you can help foster a deeper connection with customers. It also makes your customers feel included. Social media customer care increases loyalty. Brand awareness and brand association improve too.

Long-time social media customer service expert Dave Evans of Khoros shared some of his wisdom during an interview at Incite Group’s NYC Customer Service Conference. He believes, customer engagement involves people asking questions and getting answers. When looking for solutions people often ask questions. How did they do that? How do we make that easier? As a brand, how can you assist, so that the customer gives you credit?

There are lots of self-help forms your customers can do on their own. Self-help methods portray that your brand was not present in solving a problem. So what platforms can you use as a brand to improve customer engagement?

Social media customer care sounds like something easy. However, most brands are often lost in translation with their customers. The wrong strategy can be detrimental to your online visibility. The connection between your brand and its customers should be mutually beneficial. This can be done through social media customer care.

Beyond Customer Experience Expectations 

Why should your brand focus on improving customer engagement? Does it really make a difference? Customer engagement helps the customer realize that your brand is solving their problem. It can be done simply by contacting an agent or reading something on Facebook. This shows your brand’s commitment to serve. This is vital in creating a better a customer experience.

As a pioneer in social media customer care, Dave Evans has dedicated years of his career to perfecting social media customer care. One of his main focuses is helping brands solve problems. He teaches that you should answer questions in a way that the customer sees and appreciates your value. This enables your brand to collaborate all its online efforts. In turn, this ensures that your customer feels supported.

Resources for Social Media Customer Care

How can you improve customer engagement and customer experience? Dave Evans has written two books on the subject. He explains the importance of social customer care in improving customer experience. The books also talk about customer engagement.

The first book is called Social Media Marketing an Hour a Day. It leads you through a plan on implementing customer engagement. The book simplifies the convolution of social media strategy. It allows your brand to learn and apply the strategy easily. Hence, your brand easily upgrades its customer service.

Dave’s second book, Social Customer Experience: Engage and Retain Customers through Social Media discusses how you can combine customer engagement and customer experience together. This helps your brand to create rich customer experiences around care. Get these books to get the strategies required to improve the experience of your customers.

The importance of understanding your customers

One of Dave’s goals is to understand more about what people are doing and what they want. Knowing what products and services are being created based on that information matters. The combination allows you to create a customer service that addresses problems. 

The use of mobile phones and online technologies has increased. Everyone can benefit from online platforms. It’s critical to understand how people are using these technologies with your brand. Knowing what customers want creates good customer engagement. How can you get more? Can you fix things and how? How can you understand how to upgrade? Do you know what is important to your customer?

Online Engagement Matters!

Online engagement begins with understanding what people are actually doing. Also, study how many people are doing it. For instance, you can tweet your brand as a service provider. As a customer, you can use WhatsApp to talk to the hotel before you get there.

You can easily study your customer’s needs through online engagement. Your brand can easily learn its market. This will help to address your customer’s problems. A customer’s experience with your brand becomes worth their time and money…VALUE.

Using all these things improves customer engagement. It helps your customers understand your brand more. Most Importantly, how they can use your brand’s online presence to their advantage.

What’s Your Social CX Value?

To improve the customer experience your organizational empathy must be raised. To add even more value to your social customer care strategy, learn more about how to uncover insights that you’re innocently missing that’s costing you competitive clout. Get your complimentary Customer Empathy Map now.

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