Leadership that Engages in Contact Centers: Top Experts Reveal Secrets


The fourth step (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) in the contact center agent journey is about leadership that engages agents. Employee engagement has always been a problem in contact centers. The most significant factor that differentiates contact centers in their struggle with employee engagement is the skill and strength of leadership.

While some people have a natural ability towards leadership, all people need continuous development in leadership. And building the six core competencies in contact center leadership is not an event, it’s a journey that requires a roadmap and success path.

And as Jennifer Hofmann stated in the Report: The State of Learning and Development, we’re experiencing a period of evolution in learning right now, thanks to the digital revolution. Our organizations, our learners, and our jobs have changed dramatically.

She says that confusingly, though, classrooms remain strikingly similar to those we learned in over 20 years ago. We know that traditional approaches like multi-day workshops don’t build skills efficiently. But our organizations change slowly, and prefer to operate in ways that worked in the past.

This is one of the reasons I developed the Contact Center Virtual Summit, to advance the traditional approach to educational conferences and event-type learning. As Lisa Oswald, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Service with TravelZoo said, “The Contact Center Virtual Summit combines the best of two worlds – this one-of-a-kind program delivers high-caliber content and ultimate convenience. Where else can you get information you can “use today” in an on-demand format?”

From conference to On-demand Learning

The Contact Center Virtual Summit has the benefits of a conference, integrated into your day because it converts from conference into an on-demand learning system. You can get access to high-performance agent development expert insights and tools anytime, anywhere.

Over 35 industry experts deliver insights and tools on the topics of agent hiring, on-boarding, development, leading, and retention. A several Expert Sessions are dedicated to the topic of on-boarding contact center agents.

Playbook and Planner

The CCVS Playbook and Planner helps you get the most out of this modern contact center conference. In the CCVS Playbook and Planner you’ll be able see the Expert Sessions for Leadership that Engages in contact centers to optimize agent performance.

Getting Free Access

Expert Sessions START & EXPIRE AT 9am ET each day. You’ll have 24 hours to watch sessions after they are released, unless you have an All Access Pass which gives you UNLIMITED access and fast action bonuses for an entire year (on-demand from anywhere).

Speaker Faculty on Leadership that Engages

As I mentioned, the fourth step (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) in the contact center agent journey comes with leadership that engages. At the Contact Center Virtual Summit, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from industry experts that will help to guide your thinking and idea creation on optimizing agent performance.

The Speaker Lineup for the Leadership that Engages sessions are:

OPENING SESSION – Leadership that Engages in Contact Centers

David Hadobas CEO, CCNG

David Hadobas shares contact center industry opportunities on leadership and engaging employees in contact centers and common mistakes to avoid.

About David Hadobas: David started CCNG in 1991, recognizing limited resources for information among contact center /customer care management. CCNG’s mission to provide a community for member-driven agendas, topics, events and conversations provides true peer learning for contact center management. Through three decades of CCNG’s evolution, David has guided CCNG and its members through different modalities of facilitation and communication.

EXPERT SESSION – Gaining CX Momentum

Nate Brown Director Of Customer Experience, UL EHS Sustainability

How to OVERCOME common CX barriers and establish a program that will stand the test of time.

About Nate Brown: Nate is the Co-founder of CX Accelerator. While Customer Service is his primary expertise, Nate is able to leverage experience in professional services, marketing, and sales to connect dots and solve the big problems. From authoring and leading a Customer Experience program, to journey mapping, to managing a complex contact center, Nate is always learning new things and sharing with the CX community. Follow him on Twitter using handle @CustomerIsFirst.

EXPERT SESSION – Critical Questions to Address to Avoid Speech Analytics Failure

Amy Radin Award-Winning Author, Innovation Adviser, Former Fortune 100 Chief Innovation & Digital Officer ​

Growth through innovation is costly, complex and not at all certain. In today’s rapidly changing and demanding market, customer-facing employees play a unique role in any company’s innovation strategy. One certainty: relying on the status quo is an untenable strategy. The good news is there is realistic and proven path to deliver growth through innovation. In this session, former Fortune 50 Chief Innovation Officer Amy Radin shares pragmatic advice based on real-world experience, that will empower call center leaders to participate actively and effectively in their business’ innovation efforts.

About Amy Radin: Amy Radin is an award-winning author, and adviser who works with corporate leaders to assure innovation success.. Amy built a track record moving ideas to performance in senior executive roles at Citi, AXA and American Express, as a startup adviser and board member. Her book, The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company (City Point Press, Fall 2018), is available in hard cover and e-book versions at e-commerce retailers.

EXPERT SESSION – Creating Coachable Moments Through Speech and Text Analytics

Fred Shadding Founder of Visionary Call Center Leaders Forum | Trusted Call Center Outsourcing Advisor & Industry Contributor

In this session we will explore methods of leadership communication that will enhance the morale and performance of your center’s workforce.

About Fred Shadding: Fred is the Founder of The Call Center Source, an advisory firm which creates results-driven partnerships between BPO providers and firms seeking to establish outsourced relationships. He serves as a valued advisor to a variety of small to Fortune 500 clients and has aided in the establishment of over 100 outsourced relationship in 12 countries.

EXPERT SESSION – Engagement… or Relationship?

Dee Kohler Director of Contact Center Service Excellence At Prime Therapeutics

You had me at “HELLO” is more than a movie line. It is one of the key drivers of building the environment and relationships at work that result in higher productivity.

Everyone is chasing an Engagement “number.” Join Dee as she shares some of the history, research and methods that some are using to drive improved culture and results.

About Dee Kohler: Dee has over 25 years of experience in the Contact Center industry. Kohler has leveraged contact center principles and executed the transformation from “departments answering phone calls” to true customer experience centers. Dee’s true passion is being a part (however small) of another’s development in leadership, call center principles or personal growth.

EXPERT SESSION – Leaders, 7 Steps to Engage for High Morale and Performance!

Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ & Author of Leading Morale

To engage and inspire your agents, you must lead morale. If you’re not leading morale, you’re not leading anyone. Join Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, as she engages you to learn the 7 steps to engage and inspire your agents for high morale and performance.

About Kate Nasser: For 25+ years, Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, has taught tens of thousands of agents the skills to deliver superb customer service experience. Along the way, it became clear that leaders needed help in engaging and inspiring high morale and performance. This drove Kate to write the book, Leading Morale, and brings her here to speak at this virtual summit.

EXPERT SESSION – Get Your Heart in The Game – The Magic of Heart Centered Leadership

Don Williams Keynote Speaker | Author | Transformational Leader | Entrepreneur | Mentor | Success Coach | Strategic Training

The world is a changing place and the role of the CSR is not just about answering phones. What is expected in this new age and how do CSRs adapt for success in this new world!

About Jackie Morales: Jackie is the Chief Insurance Officer of Bestow, a leading life insurance technology company democratizing access to innovative financial solutions.

Prior to joining Bestow, Jackie was with LGA as their Chief Operating Officer. In her more than 20 years’ experience as a life insurance executive, she has focused on advancements in digital innovation, systems hardware and software design and upgrades, and has been a driver of the use of data analytics to improve the customer experience. She has worked for Americo Life, UICI, Lincoln Financial Group and AXA.

EXPERT SESSION – How Do Your Call Center Supervisors Measure Up?

Penny Reynolds Co-Founded The Call Center School, And Call Center Pioneer Award Winner, Consultant, Speaker, Writer

Perhaps the single most important ingredient in the success of your call center is the effectiveness of your frontline leaders. But, it’s also an area where many organizations have some serious shortcomings. Attend this training and turn it into your strength.

About Penny Reynolds: Penny Reynolds is one of the industry’s leading voices in call center training and education. She co-founded The Call Center School, where she spent 15 years developing and teaching a wide range of educational programs for call center professionals. Now an independent consultant, she is a popular speaker at industry conferences and continues to write for many industry publications.

Contact Center Industry Facts

The need for skilled leaders has become a top focus for c-level leaders and for the past several years has been a targeted focus. Yes, complexity is growing and the strategic importance of the contact center has become dramatically more important. What this means for you is a massive career opportunity to leverage these new learning methods to advance your skills.

Join the Community

In addition to improving your skills, participating in a peer community is a key learning method. Iin our Contact Center Virtual Summit Private Facebook Group. Come ask questions, interact with the Speaker Faculty, help others, and gain perspectives.

Where do you go from here?

As a contact center professional, you must commit to continually building your leadership skills. This is your opportunity to start your journey of continuous learning with David Hadobas, Nate Brown, Amy Radin, Fred Shadding, Dee Kohler, Kate Nasser, Don Williams, and Penny Reynolds…today.

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