Nine Contact Center Technology Key Strategic Decisions You Need To Succeed


With the technology of the future quickly becoming reality, every day it becomes more apparent that top contact center leaders need to evaluate contact center technology key strategic decisions moving forward. 

What are the main issues that contact center leaders should be concerned in the here and now? The answer is, of course, different for every individual contact center.  Since each and every one has specific needs and interrelationships with key elements of the market. There are 9 major realms that need to be addressed in order to achieve meaningful success in the coming years. Below we will introduce a cursory look at each one of these.

1. Contact Center Technology Automation Strategy

Automation is a major factor affecting workplaces all across the country over the past several decades. As automation ramps up, it is important to keep in mind the effects that new automated technologies have on the workplace. While we tend to think of these techs as being beneficial to customers are obstacles to employees.  There are actually many ways that automation can be designed to work for everyone in the company. Also from frontline employees to customers to management. The key is strategic implementation of AI.

2. Sensor Strategy In Contact Center Technology 

Sensors are another realm of technology that show promise as a means of streamlining and improving the quality of communication in contact centers between customers and associates. Keeping an eye out for changes will be a key element of contact center technology key strategic decisions in the next few years as it develops. The key, as in the case of automation, will be smart integration of these technologies within a framework that values customer happiness and employee satisfaction.

3. Contact Center Technology Augmentation Strategy

What is agent augmentation in the workplace? Therefore, agent augmentation is the integration of AI systems and live representative labor in order to create a smoother, smarter process for the fulfillment of customer needs. This means that new technologies will “augment” or supplement existing employee capabilities, rendering them more efficient while still valuing the human touch that they add to interactions.

4. Employee Engagement strategy

As leaders in a constantly changing environment, it is easy for contact center leaders to ignore the needs of individual employees in terms of contact center technology key strategic decisions. 

Employee engagement strategy is the counter to this growing problem. It is essential that leaders find ways to increase employee engagement. Particularly as other changes in technology and growth processes in the contact center industry provide opportunities for representatives to devote more time to servicing the most basic needs of customers.

5. Retraining strategy

New technologies mean new approaches to work. For employees, this will mean retraining in order to foster further opportunities when old ones begin to become antiquated. 

As a contact center leader, it is your job to make sure that you have a plan for how to retrain employees whose jobs are becoming obsolete with the introduction of new methods and software.

6. Block chain strategy

You may be asking yourself, “what does block chain technology have to do with my contact center?” The answer is that block chain technology provides opportunities for accuracy and transaction tracing that are not available via conventional methods. Block chain has the potential to drive clarity and efficiency never before seen in the contact center industry.

7. Product and service innovation strategy

Products and services are the driving force behind our economy.  The way that contact center leaders approach shifting markets will be key to success as other industries fluctuate. Adopting new approaches to contact center technology key strategic decisions related to products and service innovation is the only way for contact centers to stay competitive as the economy adapts to new conditions.

8. Data strategy

Data is a big buzzword in industries across the market nowadays. Stop and think: what are the real implications of data as a tool for contact center growth and efficiency. In fact, there are a number of opportunities for contact center leaders to make contact center technology key strategic decisions related to data. The key is to be in the know about data and its real implications.

9. Security strategy 

Nothing can be more important than security. Without a robust security apparatus, the key functions of any business are at risk, particularly those that deal with communications. Your customers need to know that their data and information are safe and secure before they will be willing to turn it over to you for safe keeping. Is your contact center in the know about recent threats to cyber security around the world? Never underestimate the value of security knowledge in the rapidly expanding tech industries growing to support contact center work.

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