Top Customer Experience Experts
Top Customer Experience Experts

Pete Jones of Grypp Talks Sales and Service Platforms

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Does your customer journey go beyond the simple and routine? If you need more than just simple product descriptions and frequently asked questions to make a sale and service customers are your people properly equipped?

Delivering a great customer experience is not possible even if you have the most modern communication platform. More sophisticated sales and service interactions require the support of additional assets. You might need to access product materials, reference a how to video, highlight a client testimonial, or visually review a customers billing history.

And you’d like it to be easily accessed by you and easily viewed by customers. That’s what Grypp promises to contact centers.

And Pete Jones, CEO of Grypp shared his perspective in our interview at the PACE Conference after my demo of his product. I also share a few capabilities that initially stood out to me on-site.

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About Grypp

The best kind of revolution is years in the making. Change may appear overnight but the bedrock on which it is built, takes years of experience, dedication and development. Grypp Corp evolved out of the multi ARDA award-winning Generator Systems. Drawing on over 30-years combined experience in entrepreneurship, sales, film making and software development, Grypp Corp has combined its rich knowledge base and that of its extensive customer base, into the revolution that is Grypp. A collaboration between the finest sales consultants, creative thinkers and digital engineers, with experience in sales psychology, buyer behavior, digital technology and media production. Grypp will change the way you present your products, services and ideas forever. Source:

Building Emotional Connections

In an article in Harvard Business Review titled An Emotional Connection Matters More than Customer Satisfaction by Alan Zorfas and Daniel Leemon they share that on a lifetime value basis, emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers.

They state that emotionally connected customers buy more of your products and services, visit you more often, exhibit less price sensitivity, pay more attention to your communications, follow your advice, and recommend you more.

Would these be goals of your customer experience strategy? Are you deploying emotional connection based strategies into your customer interactions (start including emotions in your design)?

Do your operational tactics and metrics, prioritize, and measure the customer experience to support that increasing customers’ emotional connection drives significant improvements in financial outcomes? Then you’re in deep jeopardy.

Emotion Wins Every time

In his article 10 Reasons Customers Will Pay More, author Geoffrey James list main reasons as to why customers might pay more for your product or service over one of your competitors.

In review of these 10 reasons I am able to strongly connect 9 of the 10 to emotion.

  1. Your product is easier to buy: This reason is all about an easier customer effort (pain avoidance). Customer Effort has been established to be a key motivator in customer acquisition, retention, and referral rates.
  2. Your product arrives more quickly: Why do they need it so fast? Don’t think it’s an “immediate gratification” thing. There’s more to it – and it’s based in emotion. If it was not, you would wait and get it cheaper.
  3.  Your product has a “must have” feature: When you describe a “must have” what words do you use? There’s your emotion reasons.
  4. Your product burnishes the buyer’s reputation: Your ego is never rational. It’s all emotional.
  5. Your product has a lower cost of ownership: This one is a little obscure and not as directly connected to an emotion. There are more rational drivers behind this reason. Although losing money and saving money are definitely security issues and very emotional.
  6. Your customer service is more friendly: Just like number 8, when I feel you like me, I will like you back. And I’ll do more business with you.
  7. The price difference isn’t worth the hassle: Similar as number 1. Avoiding pain is a major motivator in our life.
  8. The customer likes you personally: We all go above and beyond for our friends. If I like you, I’m a customer.
  9. The customer wants something else from you: Totally driven by emotion, But what is it?
  10. The customer is rapidly expanding: This one is about time saving as Geoffrey explains it. It’s about losing time searching for alternatives. Not wasting time is certainly emotional.

Get Grypp?

So are your tools able to support your contact center agents in building an emotional connection with your customers?

Can you connect your company assets to your customer easily and quickly? Then you might need to get a grip on it and contact Pete Jones: pete.jones [at]

Join me on the Fast Leader Show Podcast

monitor-fast-leader-showListen to the Fast Leader Show now. It’s an energizing docuedutainment (don’t look it up I made it up) podcast released each Wednesday and hosted by Jim Rembach. Each week, Jim introduces you to real folks (from the call center industry and beyond) with real stories of how they were able to get over the hump and lead themselves or others better…faster. You’ll learn how to become a better leader (faster) through their stories by improving your employee and customer engagement through the power of improving your emotional intelligence. Get more human-centric and move onward and upward…faster.


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