What is Social Customer Care in 2021 [VIDEO]


Social Customer Care Lessons for 2021 and Beyond – CX Quick Tips on CX Global Media TV with Russel Lolacher

How is social customer care in 2021 different than year’s past? Do you even need it? Maybe you’re just fine serving customers with a good ole fax machine?

During this colorful interview with Russel Lolacher, he shares these perspectives and many more – and that’s shocking because he’s a long-time social customer care leader. And he shares it all in less than 10-minutes.

This CX Global Media TV CX Quick Tips segment is loaded with thought-provoking perspectives and social customer care humor. I love Russel’s quick whit and humble sense of humor – I am sure you will too.

Russel talks about:

  1. Getting Buy-in on Social Media Customer Care: This is buy-in, in a different sense. It not about if you should be on social media or not; it’s about if your people can support you in serving customers. There are certain areas of expertise and holders of information that must share their knowledge to be the voice to the customer.
  2. Having a team of 1,000s: Employees and customers alike are resources for answers on social media. If you think in ecosystem terms, you might have 1,000 on your social media customer care team.
  3. It’s not about you: This is one of the most common traps we all fall into. Your knowledge can be your curse. Your opinion can be your curse. Your feelings can be your curse. Refrain from projecting any of these on your customer. Should you be on social media? Start with asking your customer if you are not.

Social Customer Care: What is your CX strategy?

We did not delve deeply into the data around the social signals and conversations that are taking place about you on social media. A key factor is knowing who’s talking, where they are talking, and what they say on social media about you.

Just because you have a feedback program and maybe several customer feedback inputs don’t mean they use it.

In fact, they probably do not.

So are you listening? How do you use that in your social and direct customer service? Too often, we get stuck resolving and not researching.

Social Media Usage Each Month

In an October 2020 snapshot from We Are Social, more than 4 billion people worldwide (4.14 billion) now use social media each month.

That’s a massive 53% penetration rate for the entire world’s population. In comparison, there are 4.66 billion internet users, so 88.9% of all internet users use social media each month. An average of 2 million people sign-up to social networks every day.

Social Media Usage Each Month October 2020

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