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The second step (the first step) in the contact center agent journey comes with the on-boarding process. This is one area of the agent journey that can be dramatically different from one organization to the next.

In my experience seeing many contact center operations, I see this area of the agent journey being full of improvement opportunities. If you seek to make a great impact in employee engagement, this is one place where you’d want to invest in increasing your knowledge.

Many organizations attempt to focus on the customer experience while neglecting to focus on their own employee experience. On-boarding is your employee launching point. What are you doing to make certain they hit the mark?

Conference Coverts to On-demand Learning

The Contact Center Virtual Summit is the only contact center conference that converts into an on-demand learning solution. Getting access to new on-boarding knowledge is available online and on-demand for the first time ever.

The CCVS has a Speaker Faculty of more than 35 industry experts that deliver insights and tools on the topics of agent hiring, on-boarding, development, leading, and retention. A several Expert Sessions are dedicated to the topic of on-boarding contact center agents.

CCVS Playbook and Planner

The CCVS Playbook and Planner is a tool to help you get the most out of this epic summit. In the CCVS Playbook and Planner you’ll be able see the Expert Sessions for on-boarding and more.

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Expert Sessions START & EXPIRE AT 9am ET each day. You’ll have 24 hours to watch the session after they are released, unless you have an All Access Pass which gives you UNLIMITED access and fast action bonuses for an entire year (on-demand from anywhere).

Speaker Faculty on Successful Agent On-boarding

As I mentioned, the second step (check out the first step) in the contact center agent journey comes with the on-boarding process. At the Contact Center Virtual Summit, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from industry experts that help to guide my thinking and idea creation on hiring right.

The Speaker Lineup for the Successful Agent On-boarding is:

OPENING SESSION – Successful Agent On-boarding in Contact Centers

Linda Harden President and Publisher, Contact Center Pipeline

Linda Harden shares contact center industry opportunities on contact center agent on-boarding and common mistakes to avoid.

About Linda Harden: Linda Harden is President of Pipeline Publishing Group and Publisher of the monthly contact center management magazine, Contact Center Pipeline. Her passion is to promote discussion, resources, events and services that impact the lives of our employees and customers.

EXPERT SESSION – Lowering Training and Attrition Costs through Effective On-boarding

Randy Rubingh ​​Chief Customer Officer, FrontSpin

Typically call center agents train for 2-4 weeks and are not fully productive for another 1-3 months. Call center attrition rates are 40-100%. Therefore, at all times many agents are in a training or unproductive mode. Effective on-boarding is the key to reducing training time, getting agents up to speed faster, and lowering attrition. Let’s discuss.

About Randy Rubingh: The author of “Call Center Rocket Science” , Randy has more than 25 years’ experience building, managing, and leading customer support organizations. During his career he has managed over 20 million incoming phone calls. His service strategies and opinions are published in numerous industry publications, and he is a frequent conference speaker.

EXPERT SESSION – How Important is On-Boarding

Kelli Barabasz Vice President Of Customer Care, National notary Association

Successful on-boarding is key to having successful employees of all levels. In the past companies used to use the sink or swim mentality which ultimately takes employees 3 to 4 times as long to get acclimated into an organization.

About Kelli Barabasz: Kelli has worked in the call center industry for over 25 years. She has worked with direct retailers, and outsourcing in both operations and workforce management with the number of agents ranging from 100-3,200 agents. Kelli is passionate about employee engagement, and motivates her staff to deliver consistently high performance and quality. Kelli’s ultimate passion comes in employee development. She has developed several training development courses for all levels within the customer care operations to include supervisors, managers and workforce management.

EXPERT SESSION – Common Mistakes to Avoid When On-Boarding New Staff

Colin Taylor CEO & CCO (Chief Chaos Officer), The Taylor Reach Group

What are the seven most common on-boarding mistakes? Find out at this session that will focus on the common mistakes that contact centers make when recruiting and on-boarding new staff.

About Colin Taylor: Recognized as a leading contact center, inside sales and CX expert, Colin has received 30 Awards for Excellence in Contact Center Operations and Management on two continents. An author and a frequent international speaker on customer service, contact centers, cx, operational transformation, CRM, sales, and team building. Since 2003 Colin has led Taylor Reach to success in contact center and customer experience consulting, with offices in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

EXPERT SESSION – The On-Boarding Excellence Journey

Mark Brody Contact Center Industry Professional

This session will discuss the various facets of a successful on-boarding process. This 4-P approach will take the attendee through the employee journey from acceptance through the first 90 days a newly hired employee comes through your doors.

About Mark Brody: With over 25 years of experience in the contact center industry, Mark’s drive for excellence has defined his career and led him to forming Brohawk Solutions, LLC., a consultancy focused on helping small to medium sized contact centers improve employee engagement and operational efficiencies leading to a better customer experience. Mark has successfully created cultures of engagement that have led to turnover reductions, increased customer satisfaction, and improved organizational performance. He also currently serves as the President of the Austin Contact Center Alliance.

EXPERT SESSION – Thanks for Coming in Today!  

Charles Ryan Minton ​Customer & Employee Experience Expert, Speaker, Author, Hotel GM

By providing your customers with an unforgettable experience, your business can build customer loyalty and gain an edge over your competition. But what most managers forget is that great customer service starts with happy employees. To take your organization to the next level, you need to work from the inside out. Ryan shares his keys to creating an environment where your employees enjoy coming to work.

About Ryan Minton: Charles Ryan Minton is best-selling author, keynote speaker and hotel general manager. He is currently the General Manager at the Boca Raton Renaissance Hotel in Florida.

Contact Center Industry Facts

Complexity is growing and the strategic importance of the contact center has become dramatically more important. What this means for you is that you raise your effort and focus on industry learning and education.

Until the Contact Center Virtual Summit, contact center learning at scale was impossible. But the future is here.

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Where do you go from here?

As a contact center professional, you must commit to life-long learning. It’s time to start your journey of continuous learning with and Linda Harden, Randy Rubingh, Kelli Barabasz, Colin Taylor, Mark Brody, and Charles Minton Ryan Minton…today.

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