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Contact Center Virtual SummitThe fifth step (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4) in the contact center agent journey is about agent retention. Retaining contact center agents has always been a significant focus area in contact centers. With labor being the most significant expense in contact centers, labor is even more costly when you’re unable to retain it.

Retention of productive agent is a major concern of HR professionals and business executives. This is due to the fact that it’s more efficient to retain a quality contact center agent than to recruit, train and orient a replacement of the same quality.

Agent turnover is expensive. Estimates on the true cost of losing agents vary based on multiple factors, but recent research found that the cost of replacing highly-trained agents can easily exceed double their annual wage.

About 3 million Americans quit their job each month

Not counting layoffs or other types of involuntary termination, data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that three and a half million employees have left their job voluntarily every month since January 2019.

Agent retention is a massive threat to the success of the contact center industry and common practices in the industry are fueling our poor retention performance.

This is one of the reasons I developed the Contact Center Virtual Summit, to help in sharing better practices in retaining contact center agents.

Beyond a Conference to On-demand Learning

The Contact Center Virtual Summit has the benefits of a conference, integrated into your day because it converts from conference into an on-demand learning portal. You can get access to agent retention expert insights and tools anytime, anywhere.

Over 35 industry experts deliver insights and tools on the topics of agent hiring, on-boarding, development, leading, and retention. A several Expert Sessions are dedicated to the topic of on-boarding contact center agents.

Playbook and Planner

The CCVS Playbook and Planner helps you get the most out of this modern contact center conference. In the CCVS Playbook and Planner you’ll be able see the Expert Sessions for Leadership that Engages in contact centers to optimize agent performance.

Getting Free Access

Expert Sessions START & EXPIRE AT 9am ET each day. You’ll have 24 hours to watch sessions after they are released, unless you have an All Access Pass which gives you UNLIMITED access and fast action bonuses for an entire year (on-demand from anywhere).

Speaker Faculty on Unleashing Agent Retention

As I mentioned, the fifth step (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4) in the contact center agent journey comes with Unleashing Agent Retention. At the Contact Center Virtual Summit, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from industry experts that will help to guide your thinking and idea creation on optimizing agent performance.

The Speaker Lineup for the Unleashing Agent Retention sessions are: Michael Pace, Michael Replogle, Todd Hixson, Bill White, Shawna Fuller, Joe Rogers, Mary Beth Brackman, Judy McKee, Dick Finnegan, Shep Hyken

OPENING SESSION – Unleashing Agent Retention in Contact Centers

Michael Pace President, Northeast Contact Center Forum

Michael Pace shares contact center industry opportunities on agent retention in contact centers and common mistakes to avoid.

About Michael Pace: I wake up each day envisioning how I can inspire companies to create environments, journeys, and actions that help make their customers more successful. I believe wildly successful companies start with successful customers and associates. Through strong values, discipline, and sharp customer focus, I build amazing experiences resulting in worldwide leading customer experience scoring, Net Promoter Scores, Customer Satisfaction, and company profitability. I see a company’s associates as their customers, and have a proven record of creating and motivating high performing teams to exceed both personal and organizational objectives.

EXPERT SESSION – Agent Retention is Not An Accident

Michael Replogle ​​Vice President Operations, CustomerServ®

Agent retention has always been a challenge for companies. However, high and consistent retention is possible if companies will take time and be very intentional in taking a few steps.

About Michael Replogle: International Executive Vice President who has successfully driven call center performance and productivity for more than 32 years in such companies as JP Morgan Chase, USAA, Regus, Direct Energy, and 1800Flowers.com. Uniquely talented in identifying strategic growth opportunities, motivating staff, negotiating partnerships and executing corporate-based initiatives.

EXPERT SESSION – Schedule and Forecast To Help Agents Win

Todd Hixon Capacity Manager, Hulu

You can never give agents schedules that they like and still meet service level!” This is an often stated theory that is basic nonsense. See who strategic growth in thinking outside the box can help your company build a highly executable and repeatable model that engages agents and reduces attrition. Plan the plan, work the plan, and win.

About Todd Hixson: Todd has been involved in innovative workforce strategies from the time we were still routing calls by allocating trunks between sites. The industry has come a long way, with the goal not being to keep up, but to stay ahead. He was one of the pioneers of forecasting theory for social media and believes in right call to the right agent (or bot) with the right skill set and planning for all so we can always help the one and meet KPIs. Todd worked at Cabelas, Intuit and Travelocity prior to joining Hulu and has managed to survive the beneficially scientific strategy that can wind up with the eternal queue.

EXPERT SESSION – How We Changed Attendance Policies To Benefit The Business And The Associate

Bill White Executive Director – Customer Care, ​​​Stuller, Inc.

If there is ever a policy that is in place “because” it’s your attendance policy. When you stop and think of it, how much sense does it actually make? In this session, I’ll talk through the journey my team took to reinvent this stalwart metric.

About Bill White: Bill has worked in Customer Care for over 20 years in leadership positions with Asurion Insurance Services, AT&T, ClientLogic, Omnipoint Communications and Unicel Wireless. Bill’s current assignment is heading up the Customer Care team for the leading US manufacturer of fine jewelry, Stuller.

EXPERT SESSION – Unleashing Agent Retention

Shawna Fuller Director of Customer Service/Corporate Sales, GiftTree

This session will cover how to create culture to maintain high retention, the leading reason people leave and how to avoid this. I will provide a few immediate take aways that can create instant improvement as well as long term goal setting.

About Shawna Fuller: I have been with GiftTree for 15 years as Director of Customer Service and B2B Sales. I am responsible for all fiscal and operational aspects and have a particular gift for creating and maintaining a high employee engagement measured through high survey scores conducted by Denison and Gallup polls for several consecutive years.

EXPERT SESSION – How Coca-Cola® Adds Life to Contact Center Employee Engagement

Joe Rogers Senior Director, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

For many, managing morale and employee engagement in a contact center is a complete mystery. One thing that can magnify its complexity is due in part to the transient perception of roles and the strong desire to micromanage agents.

Regardless of how lost you feel now, join Joachim “Joe” Rogers, Senior Director of Customer Care Center for Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated to learn about steps you can take to find your way and add life to your culture making your contact center a desired destination.

About Joe Rogers: Joachim (Joe) Rogers is in his seventh year at Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc, the nation’s largest Coca-Cola bottler. Joe heads Coca-Cola’s 300+ person Inside Sales and Service team and serves as Site Manager. Joe is a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Colorado where he received his MBA. He has over 25 years of experience having spent most of his career in financial services.

EXPERT SESSION – Creating A Dynamic Culture Through Employee Engagement

 Mary Beth Brackman Client Service Center Manager, Pinnacle Financial Partners

This session will give ideas on how to create a family culture that builds agent relationships in a virtual environment. In today’s society it’s crucial to cultivate culture in your work environment for retention and working smarter not harder. In applying these techniques Pinnacle’s North Carolina experience higher engagement.

About Mary Beth Brackman: Mary Beth Brackman serves as Pinnacle Financial Partners North Carolina Client Service Center Manager. She is responsible for a team of 30 plus banking professionals along with a team of 9, providing procedural support to associates across 120+ offices. She began her financial services career in 2000 serving in many leadership roles. She has significant experience across Learning and Development, Branch Management, Commercial Lending and Call Center Management.

Mary Beth is a graduate of Morehead State University. She was awarded Volunteer of the Year from the High Point Chamber of Commerce in 2011 and 2013 for her work in her community.

EXPERT SESSION – Agent Retention is an Inside JOB

Judy McKee ​Business Partner and Owner, The LAMA Training by McKee Consulting

The upset is never the upset! Remember that. How to STOP fixing the Agents and Start Building up a TEAM that wants to STAY! IN today’s call center world, it costs from $20,000 on up and that stat is from SalesForce! Let’s STOP this madness. People do come to work to do a good job. In this session, you will learn the three reasons agents leave and how to fix them all!

About Judy McKee: ​Trainer and Coach in the Contact Center Business for over 25 years. She is an author of “The Positive Coach Approach” with her daughter Sally Cordova and three other books about Call Center Agents.. She is the founder of McKee Consulting and the LAMA Technique. She is a Motivational Speaker and a true Believer in The Universe Always says YES. Her clients are Aetna Insurance and e-Harmony. She is currants Training Trainers in Los Angeles to use the LAMA Technique for Communication and building self-esteem of agents worldwide. She trains Grupo Noa Agents in 30 countries online. She is always fun…Bring your issues to the LAMA MAMA, she will open your mind and your eyes and mostly your ears!

EXPERT SESSION – The Power of Stay Interviews, AKA Finnegan’s Arrow

Dick Finnegan Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Author |

Combine historic low unemployment, millennial job-hopping, and the usual new-hire revolving door turnover…and employee retention becomes THE critical metric to improve productivity. This session provides fresh-thinking with no reference to surveys, pay, or any other “same old” solution.

About Dick Finnegan: Dick Finnegan is SHRM’s #1-selling author and webcast presenter, and has invented a method to cut employee turnover that has been used by Bank of America, Caterpillar, and other large and medium companies, as well as praised by Forbes and BusinessWeek.

EXPERT SESSION – How to Provide an Amazing Contact Center Experience

Shep Hyken Customer Service and Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker And Bestselling Author

Get ready to be AMAZING

About Shep Hyken: Shep is a customer service and experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations. He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession.​

Contact Center Industry Facts

For some contact centers agent retention has reached critical stage. The need to improve agent retention practices needs to be a top priority for everyone. The need for skilled talent is growing and the ease of leaving is growing. What this means for you is a massive career opportunity to leverage these new retention methods to advance your skills.

Join the Community

In addition to improving your skills, participating in a peer community is a key learning method. In our Contact Center Virtual Summit Private Facebook Group. Come ask questions, interact with the Speaker Faculty, help others, and gain perspectives.

Where do you go from here?

As a contact center professional, you must commit to continually building your agent retention skills. This is your opportunity to start your journey of continuous learning with Michael Pace, Michael Replogle, Todd Hixson, Bill White, Shawna Fuller, Joe Rogers, Mary Beth Brackman, Judy McKee, Dick Finnegan, and Shep Hyken…today.

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