What is AI-Powered Contact Center CRM software?


There are several tools that can make your contact center more effective and efficient, but you probably have not considered putting CRM on the list, until now.

With an AI-powered contact center CRM software from TrendzAct, you could finally have an effective solution that can increase your contact center performance, instead of encumbering it. Thanks to Matt Gabrielson, TrendzAct President, for sharing his insight at Contact Center Week.

Here is an edited transcript of my interview with Matt:

Jim Rembach: Hey, this is Jim of Call Center Coach and the Fast Leader Show and I’m here with Mark Gabrielson from Trendzact.

Matt Gabrielson:  And that’s TrendzAct with a Z.

Jim Rembach: Matt, How do you help folks get over the hump?

How AI-Powered Contact Center CRM Software Improves Agent Performance

Matt Gabrielson: We focus our CRM on just contact centers. So instead of a broad-based CRM that handles all of the organization, from marketing to legal, we focus just on the agent to consumer interaction. So the agents only have to see the information that they need. So that’s what’s really important is that, those interactions, those opportunities to make a difference. We don’t have clutter. 

We also use artificial intelligence. So one of the unique things about contact centers is being able to have that agent who might be either new, two weeks into it, or ninety days or even two years having the same experience.

So we have a recommendation engine, using artificial intelligence with AWS that will give that agent the scripting they need, the knowledge base, all the different and pertinent information, so they know exactly what they need at the right time within that CRM. 

So we focus on just that agent interaction, so that’s solid.        

Jim Rembach: I think what you are actually unveiling here is a critical component, and important part is that a lot of customer service and contact center environments are really handcuffed by the CRM that they have to use. Because other parts of the business either use them first or hey, they are considered to be more important because hey, they are the revenue gen group right?

Matt Gabrielson: That is absolutely true. And so whenever we can plug into the legacy systems, so you don’t have to strip out the whole organization. But part of that is that we focus just on that agent interaction so whenever you get a custom solution for that agent experience to make sure that customer is happy and they have a good net promoter score and we also reduced handle time.

Because we gotta keep costs down so keeping costs down and giving those recommendations and sharing with the agents what they should say to the customer, it really keeps it consistent and makes sure you have a good NPS.

Jim Rembach: Well, I think, but for me, your sourcing is the important part here because a lot of organizations can claim to do what you just said from an AI perspective, from maybe even a process automation perspective. However, they have an issue possibly and often do with the whole source data. You’re cleaning up that problem. It’s really actually where your legacy and roots came from, is on the CRM side.

Improving Data Representation

Matt Gabrielson: It is. So, one of our goals that we could pull data from either external data lakes from several different sources and be able to take the artificial intelligence engine to build out that model so that we’re presenting data to the agent or to the customer through the webchat, that it is actually good data.

It is cleansed data. Whether it’s five data points or three data points, you’re going to get a good solid recommendation using the AWS recommend engine.

Jim Rembach: Okay, so Matt, tell us how to make the frontline supervisors job easier in all of this?

Good Data Hygiene Improves Supervisor Performance.

Matt Gabrielson: Yeah, so the first thing is, by having the good data hygiene and having the recommendations, then all we’re looking for is not the normal right, because then everybody is doing it the right way.

We’re using our anomaly detection using an AWS anomaly detection to be able to identify where are our falling stars, where the ones that we need to have some coaching with, or which customers should we reach out to because we know they had a bad experience.

So using sentiment analysis, we can identify where they should do some outreach where they should do some coaching. So the first thing is making the agent have a great experience and be engaged. The second part is for those supervisors, giving that real-time alerts so that within the thirty to forty-five seconds of the end of that conversation or that engagement, then they can immediately go take that agent and discuss the opportunity with them.

Because being an agent is tough work. And at the end of the day, can you really hear the sentiment from that agent as a supervisor, because they get jaded at the end of eight hours. The system doesn’t care if it’s eight or twelve hours into it. So the anomaly detection real-time alerts make a huge difference for the supervisors and, of course, the executives that it rolls up. They want to know that they consistently having a good experience with their interactions.

Jim Rembach: So, Matt, how folks learn more?

Matt Gabrielson: Well, you mentioned it’s TrendzAct with a Z. So it’s tranzact.com spelled with a Z.

Jim Rembach: Matt, thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and we wish you the very best.

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