Top Customer Experience Experts
Top Customer Experience Experts

What’s Hot at ICMI Contact Center Expo

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Justin Robbins and Jim Rembach share a preview and insight into ICMI’s Contact Center Expo Conference. What’s hot at the Contact Center Expo besides the Orlando air temperature?

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What is Customer Experience going to cost?

An emerging topic that we’re hearing consistently, whether it’s from the vendors on the floor, the keynotes sessions or even the breakout sessions is about elevating the importance of the customer experience. But more importantly is the topic of what that investment looks like for organizations today.

Do agents have the tools?

free-report-maximum-agent-performance-250x175A key area of the investments are within the frontline. Organizations really need to obtain a better understanding of giving agents what they need to serve.

Whether it’s being supported through automation or it’s through adding new channels or even just investing in the right technologies to enable agents to do their job.

The theme consistently is really improving the customer experience no matter what you’re doing.

Do you have a customer experience strategy?

One thing is certain. The strategy of customer experience is getting significantly more and more complex. The technologies are advancing rapidly. Artificial intelligence and advanced in IVR systems, workforce optimization, sentiment analysis, unified communications, and so much more. How can they really make sense of all that.

Start where you are. Each organization is at a different point of maturity in customer experience. Some organizations might have a very sophisticated customer access strategy right and they’re looking across the different parts of their organization whether it’s the product team, marketing innovation, and so for them they’re really thinking about how do we continue to evolve and how do we continue to be on the leading edge.

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 But most are not mature. There in a place where they’re really struggling with the very real tactical challenges on meeting the needs of today’s customer.

If you’re there you should start by looking at the just the foundation blocks that you’re building your organization service strategy on.

The Three Pillars (People, Process, Technology)

It comes down to one of three things. Contact centers say they understand that engagement is important. They understand they must make processes easy for customers.

But most often they struggle with what tools and resources they need to provide the frontline so they can deliver the best customer experience. Answering this question is much more complicated and complex than for the rest of the organization.

The key is to take care of today. Because if you’re unable to take care of today you got serious problems.

What’s your number one priority?

One of the polls on the official ICMI Expo App asked the question, “What’s your number on priority for the conference?”

The responses to pick from were:

  • Making new connections
  • Evaluating new technologies
  • Learning new ideas & best practices
  • Unwinding/recharging/getting inspired
  • Too hard to choose – I want it all

The number one response by far was:

  • Learning new ideas & best practices

This is a better focus

Making connections and building your professional network is the foundation for long-term growth and success. By building your network you get access to more new ideas and more best practices. It’s known that large groups make better decisions than small ones. The bigger your network the better your decisions will be.

“The bigger your network the better your decisions will be.” Click to Tweet

The greatest level of help and assistance and support you receive is a result of the connections you make. So when at the CCExpo or any other contact center event, connect with everybody you possibly can.

Make new connections

Have you built out your LinkedIn profile? It’s time you start connecting with other contact center industry people.

Start by connecting with Jim and Justin.

Join me on the Fast Leader Show Podcast

monitor-fast-leader-showListen to the Fast Leader Show now. It’s an energizing docuedutainment (don’t look it up I made it up) podcast released each Wednesday and hosted by Jim Rembach. Each week, Jim introduces you to real folks (from the call center industry and beyond) with real stories of how they were able to get over the hump and lead themselves or others better…faster. You’ll learn how to become a better leader (faster) through their stories by improving your employee and customer engagement through the power of improving your emotional intelligence. Get more human-centric and move onward and upward…faster.



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